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Mailing list moved, but not to Google Groups

Dave Clements
Hello all,

This mailing list has a new home!  But it isn't Google Groups.

Yesterday Nate moved this list from the domain to domain.  This gives us better control over the list, including spam.

This transition should be largely transparent to you, but there are a few things to be aware of:
  • List sender addresses and headers will change to reflect the updated domain: from Existing email filters you have set up may require adjustments.
  • Posts from could be categorized as spam until you train your filtering method.
  • Mailing list archives and posting functionality will be briefly inaccessible during the migration.
  • The prior list posting email addresses will continue to accept email, which will be forwarded to the new list addresses.

What happened to the Google Groups plan, you might ask.  Well, we used Google Groups for the GCC2014 mailing lists and they were problematic.  It turns out that many people's work email servers periodically identify Google Groups as a spammer and then just block it causing emails from the list to silently stop being delivered.  Not exactly the behavior you want in a mailing list.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Dave C and Nate

On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 12:17 PM, Dave Clements <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hello Galaxy Proteomicists!

The Galaxy Project has started to create new mailing lists using a Google Groups infrastructure.  The new lists still work like mailing lists (plus other stuff). We are hoping that Google Groups proves to be less maintenance than Mailman.  We are also considering moving our established lists to Google too.

Since this is the smallest and least active of the Galaxy community's mailing lists, this is the first established list we are going to move.  Look for this to happen before GCC2014.

If anyone has any requests or questions about the move, please let us know.


Dave C

PS: John Chilton originally wanted this list set up on Google Groups.  I talked him out of it.  There can't possibly be a lesson for me in that experience, can there?  ;-)


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